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Departments in Our Tirumala Polytechnic College, Tiruvannamalai

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This department consisting of elite faculty members are bent upon illuminating the students in their subject relating to mechanical engineering field. The concerned laboratories are well-equipped and as such serve effectively in making the students understand the subject very thoroughly on the practical side also.

For the III semester

Machine drawing – CAD

Mechanics of Materials and fluid Mechanical Lab

Workshop I (Smithy, Foundry and Welding)

For the IV semester

Thermodynamics Lab

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lab

Workshop – II (Turning, Drilling and Shaping)

For the V semester

Metrology, Machine Tool

Maintenance and Testing Lab

Workshop – III (Slotting, Planning, Milling Grinding and CNC Machines)

For the VI semester

CAD/CAM Practical

Automobile technology Lab

Project Work (Entrepreneur ship Environment and Disaster management)

     All these laboratories are suitably well equipped with necessary and sufficient equipments so that the students are made to understand the practical sides of theory taught. When the theory details are verified by means of associated instruments and equipments, the students be come masters in their field.

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